Thank You for Your Support

On behalf of the Brescia Faculty Association, thank you to all of those individuals who participated in our letter campaign or sent personalized letters to support our efforts to close the gender wage gap at Brescia University College – Canada’s only women’s university. We are happy to report that in our recent negotiations we were able to secure an agreement that will bring Brescia faculty workloads and salaries in line with those of our peer institutions.

We achieved this historic gain because of the support and encouragement you demonstrated by sending a letter to the Principal and Board Chair. We could not have made these improvements in working conditions for our majority female faculty complement or taken these great strides towards closing the gender wage gap in Ontario without your support.

The Brescia Faculty Association membership ratified the agreement on October 4, 2016 and the Brescia Board of Trustees approved the agreement on October 12, 2016.

Your support made all the difference.

Visit Brescia faculty take strides towards closing the gender wage gap for more information about the agreement.